Tracy Wright Photography

I fell in love the first moment I held a camera in my hands. I was mesmerised by the image that magically appeared when I pressed the button on my little Polaroid camera. Like a wonderfully written book, the picture, frozen forever in grainy shades of grey inspired a creative journey through the genres of portraiture, landscape and still life photography.

A photograph, for me,  is not just an image you capture or create, it's also a little bit of you. It's an expression of your creativity,  your artistic vision and how you see the world and others. I love to capture a moment in time and make it timeless, creating a beautiful memory of a person or place as they are now. That is what my partner and I like to do in our wedding photography. Capture those magical moments of your special day and make memories you will treasure forever.

I am also a member of the Royal Photographic Society and proud to have achieved my Licentiate with such an esteemed and prestigious organisation.

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